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Adjusting to Braces

You Smile... We Smile!

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Home Care Instructions

You will have to spend more time than usual when brushing your teeth to do a good job removing food from your appliances. Success in preventing cavities depends on your care and diligence when brushing. Also, the quality of the result of treatment depends directly on the effort and cooperation of the patient. Please be consistent in following instructions and keeping appointments to finish your treatment in the planned treatment time.

Life With Braces

Having braces will provide you with a beautiful smile for a lifetime. Remember that in orthodontic treatment, you will get out of it what you put into it. We are like a sports coach- we can coach from the sidelines, but we are not allowed on the field. It’s up to you!! We are here to make your experience a fun one.

Eating With Braces

Once treatment begins, we will explain the complete instructions and provide a comprehensive list of foods to avoid.

As a reference, some of the foods include ice, hard candy, chips, and all sticky foods (i.e. caramel and taffy). You can avoid most extra appointments to repair broken or damaged braces by carefully following our instructions.

Retainers and Retention

The retention phase of your treatment is just as important as your active orthodontic treatment and requires just as much care and attention as your braces to ensure the final finishing and retention are as good as possible. If your retainer breaks, or is lost, please call the office immediately for replacement.

Common Questions

Can I schedule an appointment if my braces are poking me?
If your braces are causing discomfort, or if something breaks, you should call our office. In most cases, we can address these issues over the telephone. If you require a repair or comfort appointment, we can certainly accommodate you.


Do I need to see my dentist while in braces?
Yes! Regular checkups with your family dentist are important while in braces.  The frequency of these visits will be determined by your dentist.


How long will I be in braces?
Treatment time obviously depends on each patient’s specific orthodontic needs. In general, treatment time usually lasts from 6 months to 30 months and varies based on individual treatment complexity, needs, and personal treatment goals.


How often will I have appointments?
Appointments are scheduled according to each patient’s needs, but most patients in braces will be seen every 5 to 10 weeks.